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SeligstadtWhoever has had enough of holidays on Mallorca or Ibiza, and wants to get away from stress and city noise, will be just right in Seligstadt. The time is passing differently in the quiet little village in Transylvania – it is passing slower. Mobile phones have not yet found their way into this village, and horse carriages are far more common than cars. The village, surrounded by fields and mellow hills, is overlooked by the church-fortress Seligstadt, one of the oldest in Transylvania. By its side are two guesthouses for 58 people – and tents for further guests can be put up in the fruit orchard.

Ideal for large youth and student groups, for individual travellers, hobby horsemen and hikers, bike and motorbike fans on their way through Transylvania, for holidays, conferences, work camps or youth meetings: Seligstadt is open for young and old!

Förderung der Kinderspielstadt vorbehaltlich durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Familie, Arbeit und Soziales sowie das ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen