Rooms & Food

The rebuilt parsonage offers 35 beds in 5 rooms: a 5-bed-room, two 6-bed-rooms, an 8-bed-room and a 10-bed-room. All rooms have bunk beds, only the 5-bed-room has single beds and an own bathroom with shower and lavatory.

The old school offers 24 beds: a 6-bed-room, an 8-bed-room and a 10-bed-room.

One cabin in the orchard offers 13 beds in two twin rooms, a 4- and one 5-bed-room.

The renovated old town hall inhabits offers up to 22 beds: a 3-bed-room and two 4-bed-rooms and a optional 10-bed-room.

All rooms have central heating; the furnishing is simple and rustic. Beddings are provided; showers and lavatories are in the hallway.

Upon request, we can also offer full board in Seligstadt: breakfast, lunch, cake & coffee, and dinner.

The regional Saxon and Romanian cuisine has no organic certification, but milk and meat products come from the countrymen in Seligstadt, and fruit and vegetables from the own garden. The bread is freshly baked in the stone oven and tastes delicious with the home-made jam and apple must.

For those who like to fend for themselves, there is a traditional wood stove, an electric oven, dishwasher and a fridge, and enough dishes even for bigger groups.

If you want a picnic for a long field day, or a grill-evening around the campfire – no problem. We even have a little “shop” with drinks and snacks!