Jugendzentrum Seligstadt




The two guesthouses have a special history: They used to be the old parsonage and school of Seligstadt. In consequence of the Saxon Emigration, both houses lost their utility, stood empty for many years and decayed.

9f65cc5038In 1997, the congregation of Fogarasch, together with parish priest Johannes Klein comprised a plan to fill Seligstadt with life again: It should be a place, where children and youth could meet, a place, where people of the community and of other congregations cities and countries could come together.

Thanks to many voluntary helpers and donations, the plan has been a full success: many children and youth get-togethers have been organised in the restored and rebuilt parsonage and school. Grown-ups are of course welcome in Seligstadt as well!

What do the guesthouses offer?

  • A total of 58 beds in 8 rooms6fffedbcdb
  • 2 recreation rooms
  • 1 prayer room, which can be also used as a seminar room
  • Beamer, Overhead-projector, Flip-Chart
  • 1 great hall for different activities
  • A big fruit orchard with a playground and fireplace
  • A cellar equipped with billiards, ping-pong, and foosball tables
  • Full board upon request

The proceeds of the guesthouses will be used for the further restoration of the church-fortress and its adjacent buildings.